Good. Travel friendly packaging Adding to my review, this is a product that definitely needs a try. Non sticky, low fragrance. I have used it for a few weeks, nothing negative. Better than some of the high priced branded products out there.
Awesome age defying moisturizer from Vaadi I did not expect much in 65/- but it is amazing. I just got today. Applied on my hands, it felt smooth and awesome smell. It claims to be 100% Ayurvedic which is good.
ramamurthyraju P.
Awesome product
Ruchika Saluja
Recommended! I gave 2 tubes to my mother, who has tried it on her face and likes it a lot. I occasionally use it on my hands when they are dry, and it does the job well. I have sensitive skin, but this has not caused any problems. Bamboo is a natural source of silica, which is essential for healthy skin. Grape seed extract is an antioxidant that is also useful in skincare.