Deepika Anandh
It's really work. I got this shampoo because I wanted a good cleanse without stripping the oil out of my hair. I'm doing henna treatments and thought I'd give this a try. So glad I did!!! My hair feels clean, soft and manageable, which is like magic for my hair these days. Anyway, it could be the henna for the manageability, but the softness is the shampoo for sure. Give it a try.
Dileep P.
Very Good product with nice fragrance! Gives smoothness and glow to the hair and mild ,so that,it can be used for children also !
Suman S.
This shampoo is all I wanted from last couple of years..... I'm very much satisfied with this product from vaadi herbals. My hair became so soft after just one week of using this just loved it.. Thank you vaadi
Namita Chopra
Highly satisfied! It is a good shampoo at this rate. I have tried all leading brand shampoos, but Im highly satisfied with this one. I got my second pack and happy that it reduced my hair fall without drying because usually herbal products tend to dry hair.
Akanksha H.
Had medium frizzy hair which did not suit any shampoo. Now i got this henna shampoo and am so happy. Thankyou vaadi. ?
Khushi B.
Its reallyy amazing .after two wash ..i see the result ....i used two type of shampoos and both are amazing
Aksa khokhar
This is what I needed I was suffering from freezy hair in monsoon because of humidity in the weather. once I saw advertisement in Instagram about Vaadi's heena shampoo and rose corn conditioner to control the freezy hairs. I just bought it because I was fed up with unmanageable hairs everyday. I tried even luxurious brands for my hair but none of them worked. After using this Heena shampoo and rose corn conditioner within a week my hair felt super smooth and easy to manage like never before. Believe me this really works
Much better one than the other branded ones This shampoo is really good. Over the period of time it makes hair smoother and manageable and also reduced hair fall.
Five stars This one is truly an awesome product from the house of Vaadi herbals. Do try it. No regrets.
Really nice shampoo This Product really works good and suitable for all types of hair issues.